I was born in Czech Republic, Prague. From as far as I remember I was always interested in food, cooking, baking and eating it. I was very inspired by the love and attention my parents put into each meal. I knew this was going to stay with me forever. They cooked mainly Slovak, Hungarian and Czech inspired dished. When I was 14 we moved to Italy, Varese. This is where my passion for food evolved even further. Italian people have special relationship with food and this was exactly what I was feeling as well. I attended the European School in Varese adding not only Italian language but French and English as well, I went there for almost 4 years, and this time spent in Italy was just amazing. My next move was to Brussels, where I continued my studies at the European School. Living in Brussels during my late teens was fantastic, Brussels is the melting pot of cultures and food, I learned so much more about food and different people. During my last year of study I met my husband. When I graduated from the European School I moved to Sweden where he was from. This experience added yet another type of food. I have never cooked or eaten as much wonderful sea food as I did during the time here, after 1 year we moved together to England, Coventry where I continued my University as well as my interest in cooking and baking. This is where the Indian and English influence came in. They have so many great dishes and elaborated desserts. After 3 years we decided to move back to Sweden to start our own family. I was finally able to test all the dishes on my children and to involve myself even more in the importance of what we were eating. I also realized that I had to write a book where I would put all those recipes I came across from all the different countries, all the food that stood me close and that was given to me throughout my life with inspiration from my closest family and all the wonderful people I met during this time. And now I am ready to share this with all of you:

Know your Food: The Basis of Our Children’s Future

In today’s world we need to reprogram the way we go about shopping our food. It is no longer the way it was for our grandparents, when they went to their local shop to buy their groceries and the shop assistant was able to tell them exactly where that food came from and how it was made. Ok, it is true that the food was local and maybe therefore limited, more seasonal, but the important fact was that we knew what we were eating. And anyway, what is wrong with having food adapted to the season if it makes you 100% sure that you know what you are feeding your family?
I believe that food is the underlying basis to our bodies and makes especially big difference to our children who are using this food to build their bodies to what they will then have for the rest of their lives.

Today when you go to the supermarket (here in Sweden) you find yourself surrounded by products from all over the world, and this is because ‘’we’’ as a customer are demanding it. It is the customer who wants to have oranges all year round, strawberries during Christmas, and all root vegetables during the spring. What the customer wants the huge industries will sell us, but at what cost? By cost I don’t mean the price, but the consequences of the food.
This is where the problem only begins, then you have all the other issues like cucumbers that have to be straight in order to sell, chicken breast that have to be big, and all of a sudden everything looks perfect, smells better and tastes more. So what is the problem you may ask yourself? Well, the reason why everything is better is because the chemical industry had something to do with it. All the colors and flavors are intensified to sell these products. Have you ever asked yourself how do they do this? What did they have to do to make everything taste and look better? What are we actually eating? And more importantly what effects does this food have on our children’s bodies in the future?

And this brings me to the most important point… OUR children. They are our future and their bodies are like programmed machines which remember everything you do to them or put in them. Whether it is the exposure to the increasingly harmful sunshine or the increasingly foreign food we are surrounded by, we need to do something about it. And Food, that we can do something about!
This book is a summary of my favorite recipes which I cook for my family on daily basis and during special occasions. Some are inherited from my family with Slovak and Hungarian influence, some are taken from the time we lived in Czech Republic, some from the time we lived in Italy, Belgium, England and ultimately in Sweden. But of course even time spent in France and Spain has played a role in my cooking. So more European food then this you hardly find in another book.
So I hope you will enjoy it. But remember …it is OK to be Global but when it comes to food…think LOCAL and make sure you know what’s in your food!



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