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moccha linnea


2 bottoms (make this twice)

3 egg whites whipped to a hard foam

3dl sugar are mixed in

This mixture is spread out on a baking paper and is baked in 150C oven for about 1,5h until light brown color.

Mocha Cream:

1tbsp. sugar

1 tbsp. plain flour

And little bit of water to get it going

The 6 egg yolks left from making the bottoms, and 1,5dl strong espresso coffee are mixed in to the sugar mixture, mix all the time until the cream has thickened.


Preparation method:

  1. Mix in 2tsp. vanilla sugar, 2dl icing sugar and 300g room temperature butter.
  2. 100g sliced almond or crushed hazelnuts for decoration around the cake.
  3. Assemble the meringue bottoms with some of the cream, and spread cream all around it and pipe on top with some nice decoration, sprinkle the nuts all the way around the cake.
  1. You can also decorate it with some shavings of dark chocolate.
  2. Small bite size meringues can also be topped with mocha cream.