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rasperyy truffles

I like to make these at Christmas as well, and the raspberry makes them bit sour, not so sweet, perfect combination. Instead of raspberries you can alaways add mint…super good alternative in truffles!

Raspberry Chocolate Truffles (25pc)

1dl Raspberry puree (defrosted or fresh raspberries)
2 tbsp. honey
0,5 pc vanilla stick
230g chocolate (70%)
60g butter (soft)
1 tbsp. Marsal wine, Port wine or raspberry liqueur (optional)
1dl cocoa

Preparation Method:
1. Mix the raspberries in a mixer to a puree and sieve away all the seeds.
2. Finally chopped the chocolate, melt it in a water bath and stir.
3. Warm up in a saucepan together the raspberry puree, scraped out vanilla seeds from the vanilla stick and the vanilla stick, and honey (plus liqueur of your choice if you want to)
4. Remove the vanilla stick and pour the warmed up raspberry puree over the chocolate and stir all together.
5. Add the soft butter pc by pc, possible the wine/liqueur and whisk again until it is all combined.
6. Pour the truffle mixture into a long form and let it cool down.
7. Shape small balls out of the cold mixture and roll each of them in cocoa.