Today I am making this traditional Czech bread which is not possible to buy in Sweden.



400-500g flour

15g yeast

1 tbsp sugar or syrap

490ml water

1tsp salt

2tsps whole cumin seeds

1tsp olive oil

And this is the time spent in the oven, 250 Degrees Celsius for 15 min, with a tray of boiling water underneath to get a proper hard crust on it, then turned down to 200 degrees Celsius for further 30 mins but take the tray with water out it was there only to make the hard crust on the bread.


This is when I put it in the wooden basket for bread,  after further 1 hour of rising. If you don’t have a basket just let it rise in a bowl.


This is when the dough is rising. …oil the bowl with some oil so that it can rise smoothly.