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quark cake

I wanted to include another wonderful moist Quark Cake here.
It is very simple, and very good. Dry Mix means that the dough has no liquids in it, it is the moisture of the Quark that glues it together as it bakes.

Quark Cake made with Dry Mix
For the dry mix:
275g Flour
225g sugar
13g baking powder

Top of the cake:
150g butter (sliced thinly)

Quark Filling:
3x250g soft Quark
3 eggs
2 tsps Vanilla Sugar
½ dl Raisins (can be soaked in Rum before) (Place your raisins in a cup and cover them with rum, over night they will suck all the rum in, great for using in cakes…but to be honest….I go and snack on them every now and then as well :))

Preparation Method:
Mix all your ingredients for the dry mix together.
Pour half of it on a baking tray covered with baking paper. (size of the tray 28 x 34 cm)
Mix all your ingredients for the filling and pour it evenly all over the dry mix you have in the baking tray.
Cover the top of the cake with the other half of the dry mix. And place think slices of butter all over the top of the cake.
quark cake instructions
Place in the oven set to 180°C for about 45minutes. You will know it is ready when the top of the cake is nice and golden.