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islske torticky

These are traditional cookies that I make every Christmas together with other 5 cookies as listed under the Christmas Cookies folder.

I got this recipe from my mum, who got it from hers and probably further…

Islske Torticky (as we call them in Czech)

210g flour
20g cocoa
70g crystal sugar
½ tsp vanilla sugar
Little bit of lemon zest
40g grated peeled almonds
½ tsp cinnamon
140g butter

100g crystal sugar
3 egg yolks
½ tsp vanilla sugar
1 tsp rum
20g red currant jam
150g roasted hazelnuts or walnuts

Preparation method:
1. Mix all the ingredients together into a dough that sticks all together into a ball.
2. Put in a plastic back and let it rest for at least 1h in the fridge.
3. Roll out the dough and cut small circles out.
4. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for about 10mins.
5. Let them cool down .
6. In the meantime prepare the filling, mix the sugar and eggs together until it is nice and creamy.
7. Add the remaining ingredients, vanilla, rum, currant jam and roasted nuts. If the mixture is too loose add more nuts and if it is too thick add more rum.
8. When the biscuits have cooled down place about ½ cm of the filling on half of the biscuits and the other half of the biscuits should be dipped in dark chocolate, before the chocolate hardens place half an almond on top of it. Place the chocolate biscuits on top of the ones with the filling.
9. And place each of them in a paper basket.