Today I am doing the final preparations for my son’s birthday.

He has invited 9 kids over.

We will start with Mini Pizzas and hot dogs.

Followed by a summer cake with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and mango, filled with whipped cream, rhubarb and apple mousse. He will love it!

They will also get to make their own ice creams, I bought some wafle cones, vanilla icecream and various toppings. I will also make some chocolate sauce to dip those icecreams ain and then to dip them in the sprinckles it will look great!

We have some activities planned like making crafts, such as animal masks, crowns and mazes.

They will also have musical statues and a Fish Pond. And if weather allowes…we might even go for a treasure hunt šŸ™‚

So far it looks like a rainy day tomorrow, so lets be creative.

I will post some photos after the Party.